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Extended Stay Douglas

This 20 room motel in Douglas, Arizona, underwent an entire renovation of the North side building (Rooms 10-19) in January 2021. The two rooms behind the office are managers quarters, but can be converted to rooms for rent. If used as manager’s quarters, then the motel is 18 rooms. This includes freshly remodeled bathrooms, new fixtures, lighting, fresh paint, flooring, baseboards, new bedding, furniture, locks, black out curtains, free wi-fi (installed and maintained by a local tech service), and Roku’s with free streaming, services included (no monthly cable cost!), along with new security cameras that can be viewed from an app anywhere (also maintained by local tech service). Three of these rooms offer kitchenettes.

That being said, we are the only lodging property in Douglas that offers kitchenettes that make it ideal for long-term stays. In addition, during our renovation in January 2021, the electric and plumbing have been completely re-done and brought up to code on the entire property.

We have an exceptional booking platform in place, as well as our own updated website. We have successfully been running since September 2019, and have established a positive online presence. We are established on, Expedia, and Google. We have reliable and hard-working management in place. Our Property Manager handles all of our bookings and housekeeping. We have two maintenance men on staff that are ready to start working on remodeling the South side building, as well as, are available for any maintenance issue that guests encounter. For the onsite manager and maintenance crew, we have an hour tracking system they use from their phones to clock in, and add pictures of their work. Parking is not an issue, as there are plenty of available parking spaces for guests. Included in the property, is a large empty back lot behind our hotel, that could easily be subdivided and sold, used to rent U-Hauls or used for storage. We did operate U-Haul for an extended period of time, it added some good cash flow but we ended our contract due to ongoing construction.

Extended Stay Douglas is just miles from the busy border crossing with high traffic. There is heavy construction going on in this up and coming city, which has allowed us to host many construction worker’s long-term stays. We are also located near the Douglas Prison and Cochise Community College, which has allowed us to host many people visiting family in the area, and traveling staff. It is an ideal opportunity for government contracts to house migrants and wall workers (the wall is scheduled to potentially restart soon to “fill in gaps” per Biden’s words. There are also large planned import / fulfillment centers in Douglas’ future.”

Property Amenities

  • Freshly Remodeled Bathrooms
  • New Fixtures
  • Lighting
  • Fresh Paint
  • Flooring
  • Baseboards
  • New Bedding
  • Furniture
  • Locks
  • Black Out Curtains
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Roku’s with free streaming
  • New Security Cameras

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    In December 2020, we found that wires above the attic in the North side building were smoking. An actual fire never occurred and the Fire Department did a reasonable amount of damage to rooms 10-15. Hence, our remodel of the rooms in the North side building. We have finally been able to re-open our doors in July 2021 after being closed since January 2021.

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